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If we have the time, we are always happy to cater for like minded organisations, providing a buffet banquet, either part created from surplus, or making sure that all our catering surplus goes to those in need after the event. After paying all our staff above LLW we aim to put all profits back into helping support the rental of our new space.

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 Please do not ask People’s Kitchen to provide free food for your fundraising event (We already have organisations we fundraise for):

Sourcing Surplus, (or buying ingredients), planing for the event, setting up a team, hiring kitchen space, providing equipment, prepping ingredients, cooking, packing up and cleaning, transporting food and equipment, setting up at the venue, providing tableware, serving large no.s at set times, tidying up, packing down, delivering surplus to partner organisations, returning equipment to our space… ALL TAKES A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME, SKILL & MONEY…

(Though we provide pay-what-you-feel feasts, these are either in our own premises, or through funding where host chefs are paid London Living Wage). It is logistically exhausting to provide them for other venues. We are however happy to give advice for you set up your own Community Feast. The recommended first step is to look at our ‘How to Guide’

our team are also experienced at setting up creative team building days for other organisations